Active Travel Infrastructure Plan

Closed 18 Jan 2024

Opened 11 Dec 2023


Dorset Council's Active Travel Infrastructure Plan is a long term strategy for improving the network for walking, cycling and wheeling - that is, using a mobility scooter, wheelchair or similar mobility aid to get around.

The plans include the network of prioritised routes based on which parts of the network would be most useful to improve.

This survey gives you the opportunity to provide your views on:

- whether the network of key routes is correct, and
- whether the prioritised routes in each area are the right ones

We would also like your views on the barriers to walking, wheeling and cycling and your own suggestions for additional routes to be considered.

If you require an alternative format or paper copy, please email or call 01305221883.

Why your views matter

Dorset Council wants your views on the proposed active travel network and prioritised routes in the east and south central Dorset areas. Outside these areas basic route networks will be developed, reflecting the relatively simpler movements in and out of market towns away from the larger urban areas. Your ideas for routes in these areas will be welcome.

Having an Active Travel Infrastructure Plan will place Dorset in a stronger position to obtain funding from Government and to negotiate improved provision to and from new developments.

What happens next

Thanks for taking part in the survey on the Active Travel Infrastructure Plan for Dorset.

Any barriers to active travel or new routes will be examined, your responses will be analysed and a report published in mid-2024.