Hazelbury Bryan Neighbourhood Plan 2018 to 2031 - First Review

Closed 12 Jan 2024

Opened 24 Nov 2023


Hazelbury Bryan Parish Council has prepared a review of its neighbourhood plan and submitted it to Dorset Council. 

Dorset Council must now consult on the submitted neighbourhood plan review for a minimum period of 6 weeks. This is a Regulation 16 consultation and will take place between 24 November 2023 and 12 January 2024 (inclusive). To respond to the consultation, see below. 

The submitted revised neighbourhood plan is: 

It is supported by the following documents, as required by legislation:

The parish council also provided the following evidence base documents:

The current Hazelbury Bryan Neighbourhood Plan (made March 2019), and other documents including the original examiner's report, are available on the Hazelbury Bryan Neighbourhood Plan web page. A side-by-side comparison of the current neighbourhood plan and the proposed updated neighbourhood plan is available on the Draftable website

If you have difficulties accessing any of these documents, or would like to respond in an alternative way, please contact us using the details on this page. 

Representations made at this stage can include a request to be notified of Dorset Council's decision under regulation 19 in relation to the neighbourhood plan. 

All comments received during the consultation period will be made available to the independent examiner. The examiner will consider whether the plan meets certain basic conditions and satisfies other legal requirements. The basic conditions are:

  • is it appropriate to make the plan, having regard to national planning policies and advice contained in guidance issued by the Secretary of State;
  • does the plan contribute to achieving sustainable development;
  • is the plan in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan for the area (in this case, the North Dorset Local Plan Part 1);
  • the plan does not breach the requirements of Chapter 8 of Part 6 of the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017; and
  • the plan does not breach and is otherwise compatible with EU obligations and human rights requirements.

As this is a neighbourhood plan review, the examiner will consider whether the changes are so significant or substantial as to change the nature of the plan. A referendum on the plan may be held if the examiner concludes that the nature of the plan will be changed.

If the revised plan successfully passes all the above steps, it will replace the existing neighbourhood plan. Its policies will be used to make decisions on relevant planning applications in Hazelbury Bryan alongside other appropriate development plan policies.

Why your views matter

This consultation is an opportunity for individuals, organisations and businesses to comment on the plan. To be effective, comments should focus on whether the updated plan meets the basic conditions, as outlined above. All comments made during the consultation period will be made available to the examiner. The deadline for comments is Friday 12 January 2024 (midnight).

What happens next

The 6-week consultation period is now over. All comments received during the consultation will be made available to the examiner and will be published on Dorset Council's website