Dorset Council Call for Sites

Closes 1 Jun 2024

Opened 13 Mar 2023


Please use this online form to submit sites for assessment by the Council. We are interested in receiving submissions for sites that may have potential for:

  • New homes (including for the settled and Traveller communities).
  • Employment land.
  • Mitigation for habitat sites.
  • Renewable or low carbon energy.

Whilst the formal 'Call for Sites 2023' will close on 1st July 2023 you may still submit sites for assessment. However, we will prioritise the assessment of sites received before 1 July, with submissions recieved after this date likely to assessed in 2024. 

Please note: as part of your submission you will be required to draw an outline of the submitted site on an interactive map (see Question 10 of the survey).

Sites submitted will be assessed by officers in relation to their suitability for development or change in land management and this assessment will form part of the evidence base for the Dorset Council Local Plan. The assessment and mapping will be published as part of the Local Plan evidence base.

Please note: If you have previously submitted a site for assessment please do not resubmit it unless there are material changes to the submission. For example if the extent of the site or the proposed type of land-use has changed.

Data Protection and Freedom of Information

The information collected in this survey will be used by your local planning authority to inform Spatial Policy decisions and related evidence. 

By responding you are accepting that your response and the information within it will be in the public domain, and that it may be disclosed if requested under the Freedom of Information Act. However, any published information will not contain personal details of individuals.

Your information will be retained by the council in line with its information retention schedule. Your data will be destroyed once the plan becomes redundant.

If you have any concerns about how your information is used please contact:

Why your views matter

It is important that the Council understands what land is available for development within the Dorset Council area, and takes this into account when allocating land for development, as this creates more certainty that planned development will take place. If you think your site is suitable for development then please use this form to submit it us for assessment.

Submit a site