Dorset Council draft Annual Position Statement - 5 year housing land supply - stakeholder engagement

Closes 4 Jul 2024

Opened 6 Jun 2024


Dorset Council is seeking to confirm its housing land supply position for the base period of 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024, by producing an Annual Position Statement (APS).

This APS will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in July 2024. aThe Inspectorate will then provide their recommendation in October 2024 with the housing land supply position then being confirmed until October 2025. The government's Published Planning Practice Guidance sets out the process for confirming the housing land supply.

We have produced a draft Annual Position Statement that sets out the Council's draft five year housing land supply position. The draft APS and Appendices are available here:

We are undertaking targeted stakeholder engagement with the development industry and other key stakeholders on the draft report. Your views on the draft report will be important as they will inform the final submission to the Planning Inspectorate. 

The Council's position on sites within the 5 year housing land supply, as set out in the draft APS, has been informed by engagement with landowners, agents, and developers of sites. They were asked to complete a pro-forma with information and other details on delivery of housing. Responses to this engagement are found in Appendix H of the draft APS.

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