Better Days - Day Opportunities Survey

Closes 8 Dec 2023

Opened 22 Sep 2023

Results expected 1 Feb 2024

Feedback expected 30 Apr 2024


We want to better understand how to redevelop our day opportunities model.  

A significant number of people in our county, for a number of reasons including illness or disability, need some support to plan their days or access activities and interests that matter to them. We call this support to access day opportunities.

Our aim is to inform the development of a day opportunity model that offers choice, variety and personalisation for the people who use them. We want to find out from our audience how we could create a shared vision of day opportunities in Dorset.

We have been working on a model to increase the range and diversity of what people can be supported to do, which includes but goes beyond traditional day services.

We think of day opportunities as any activity which helps an individual meet their outcomes, develop new skills, maintain or increase their independence or support their care needs. We know that this is different for everyone and that people want opportunities that are right for them.

For us, day opportunities can be a life skills training, support to find a job, time at a day centre, a sporting activity, clubs and social activities and less formal activities such as time with friends, nature walks or visits to the local town centre. We want to enable people to have a well-supported and varied day, to enable people to try new things and to create an offer that moves beyond the 9 -5 weekday.

We conducted the first stage of our research in the summer of 2021 and your views influenced the development of our A Better Life 2023 to 2028 strategies.

The research in 2021 was completed during the coronavirus lockdown and we want to revisit this and understand how things have changed in the two years since. We want to revisit the research by also asking a wider group of people and dig deeper into some subject areas where we feel that we need more information.

Why your views matter

Tell us your experiences of day opportunities both now and what you might want to see in the future. We invite anyone who has an interest in day opportunities, including people who don’t use them now, but might in the future, to share their views in the survey.

We encourage anyone who accesses support to arrange activities during their days, including people with learning, physical or sensory disability, mental health diagnosis, dementia or memory loss, as well as their carers or care workers to share their views. We also want to hear from young people who might need support into adulthood.

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